The Best 21st Birthday Present

It was Amy’s 21st birthday. I had always admired her from afar, but I never thought that she noticed me. For this reason, I was very surprised when she invited me to a party that she was having the following weekend to celebrate the milestone of turning 21. Of course, I agreed to be there. I couldn’t think of anything that I would want to do more on a Saturday night than hang out with Amy in any capacity. The thought of the upcoming party consumed my every thought. I couldn’t concentrate at work, and when I was driving home from work on Friday I missed the turn to my house three times. Of course I knew where I lived, but I just could not stop thinking about Amy and the party that I was invited to.

Friday finally ended. It was now Saturday. The day of the party!! I showered and put on the best smelling cologne that I owned. I arrived at the party right on time. The crowd was just starting to arrive. There were tables full of food, candy, and drinks. There was a slideshow playing of pictures of Amy throughout the years. While played the one image that caught my eye was of a scantly clad Amy at last year’s summer pool party. That imaged that was seared into my brain made me think all sorts of thoughts and was starting to give me an erection. Trying to distract myself, I turned to see Amy sucking on a lollipop. The erection quickly returned as I began to wish that she would suck my dick the way that she was sucking on that lollipop. I walked over to Amy and whispered, “Is there somewhere more private that we can go and talk for a second?” She didn’t want to leave her party but she agreed reluctantly.

She led the way to the balcony which was closed off from the party. I kissed Amy making sure to grab her ass. At first she tried to pull away, but quickly relented kissing me back. I quickly unbuttoned my pants motioning for her to lay down on a lounge chair on the balcony. She laid down, and I lifted her dress. Moving her blue lace thong out of the way, I began to suck her clit. She bit her lip and moaned quietly. I raised up and pushed my dick into her pussy. She moaned louder as I thrust in harder and deeper. I went faster filling her pussy with cum.

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