The german xnxx creation

Writing about sex had always been a form of therapy for April. Whatever she was feeling at any given moment was easily translated from her brain to a pen and then to paper. She was a natural porn writer and lyricist. All of the pain, the joy, the good, and the bad usually found its way into a song that she had written. There were so many xnxx apps out there now where she could scribble notes or sample melodies, but she still preferred to doodle on paper and hum along in her head. Call it old fashioned, but it worked for her.

The Producer

This process seemed to work for Travis too. He was a german porn producer. He was in a restaurant, a small diner type complete with bar, stools, tables, and booths. He sat at the bar and ordered a cup of coffee. April was sitting at a booth working on her latest german xnxx edition She sat and wrote as she quietly hummed a melody and sang the lyrics to herself completely oblivious to her surroundings and unaware that anyone was listening. Travis was listening, and he was intrigued. He picked up his cup of coffee and took it from the bar and walked over to the booth where April sat scribbling, doodling, and humming and quietly took a seat. “What’s the name of that xnxx creation?” Travis asked startling April. She was in her own world and did not even realize that someone was sitting across from her until he spoke.

After she managed to push her heart back down from her throat to her chest she answered him. “It doesn’t have a name yet.”, April replied looking up to see the sexiest man that she had ever laid eyes on. He reminded her of a german man that she had seen the night before in a video. She bit her lip and toyed with her pen and paper as she listened to him speak. “Why don’t you come to my studio tomorrow, and we can put some music behind those xnxx videos and create a song. My name is Travis. I’m a porn producer.” It was almost too perfect. “Ok.”, April stammered. He gently took her pen and paper writing down the address to his studio. April shivered as he touched her hand.