A woman for sex

girlforsexI got out of bed and got ready to go and meet Candy. I put on the newest, freshest clothes and that I had. I arrived at the bar and saw her sitting nursing a martini and waiting for me. I walked over and introduced myself. We talked for a while as she ordered her second drink and I order my first. “I have something to show you.”, she said suddenly. My cousin owns this bar. She walked behind the bar. “Come here.” “This is the new brand of silver Tequila that’s only available in this bar, imported directly from Mexico.” She continued talking as she poured both of us a shot. We drank the shots, and when she was putting her glass away on the shelf underneath the bar her hand casually grazed my penis. I bit my lip and tried to brush it off. Now she was moving closer to me. She got closer and planted a kiss on my lips and grazed my penis against my clothes again. “Sit here.”, she said motioned toward a bench behind the bar in the corner. I sat down, and she pulled my pants down to expose my dick which was starting to get hard from all of the casual fondling through my clothes.

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